Sport & Leisure


The Time Party recognises that schools are an important first stage in the introduction of sport into people’s lives. It will be our intention to introduce, preserve and enhance sporting facilities in all educational establishments.

We would also introduce facilities in inner cities that provide a safe environment for physical activity, including basketball courts, artificial grass football pitches, cricket grounds, or whatever local demand calls for.

TIME would develop a network of sport-in-the-community ventures, offering structured coaching to which youth, who have yet to reach advanced levels, would have direct access.


In recent years, Britain has seen a decline in the availability and therefore participation in social leisure activities.

Pubs are vital social hubs that serve to enrich community spirit. The number of pubs in the UK fell from 67,800 in 1982 to 50,800 in 2015. A number that continues to decline.

To reverse this trend, TIME would empower regional licensing authorities to devise arrangements for local needs, reducing the rate of duty on pub-sold beers, charging a lower rate of VAT and changing High Street business rate systems to rejuvenate consumer demand. TIME suggests this would become a Land competence.

603 Youth Centres and clubs were closed in the UK between 2012 and 2016. TIME would seek not only to replace these facilities, but create an expansive youth centre network, regulated at Land level. Following a significant improvement to the UK’s current standards of vetting, a contingent of dedicated and enthusiastic Youth Workers would be recruited to engage Britain’s youth in rewarding, constructive and social activities.