The UK has become one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. Specifically, England is the world’s third most densely inhabited country of those with a population greater than 10 million. This has placed significant strain on all public services. According to both ONS and Oxford University’s Migration Observatory, net migration is responsible for more than half of our population growth. The Time Party believes that our present standard of living will be hard to maintain with continued current levels of net migration. Therefore the current criteria for entry into the UK should be tightened, without damaging our ability to attract highly skilled personnel from overseas who are so vital to the country’s growth.

  • No specific immigration targets. However, a ‘work permit’ will generally be a prerequisite to gain entry to the UK.
  • All migrants to have the same status prior to proposed entry and will be assessed as equals.
  • No immigration points system (all migrants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis).
  • No amnesty for illegal undocumented migrants.
  • All immigrants and visitors to have medical insurance in place, before entry to the UK to cover the period of their stay. A government scheme would be available at their port of entry.
  • Children born in the UK who have at least one British parent will be granted UK citizenship. If both parents are non-UK citizens, their child will be a citizen of their country of origin.
  • Companies employing recent migrants will be subject to a ‘skills charge’ (to encourage the preferred employment of British nationals and UK permanent residents).
  • The Border Force staff to be increased by at least 10,000, employing UK armed forces veterans wherever possible.