Foreign Relations

The Time Party will maintain and enhance good relations with countries all around the world. To this end we will increase the number of diplomatic missions abroad. TIME will not support Britain’s involvement in zones of conflict or theatres of war unless British interests are directly or indirectly compromised.

The Time Party is a champion of global trade and will use Britain’s diplomatic missions — Embassies, High Commissions, Representative Offices, Consulates — and utilise these offices to also house officials of the Department for International Trade.

TIME will: 

  • Encourage foreign campuses of UK universities
  • After restoring the integrity of the BBC, we will promote the expansion of the BBC World Service
  • We will further develop the excellent research and medical facilities provided by the Medical Research Council (MRC)
  • Boost awareness both at home and abroad of the work of the British Council, increasing our knowledge of the issues of those countries and sharing with them our British culture
  • Strengthen and develop new diplomatic ties with each individual European Union Member State

We will hold a referendum in the United Kingdom on the question of whether to offer Land status to the Crown Dependencies and those British Overseas Territories with existing autonomous governments. Following positive results, we would subsequently hold referendums in each of those territories on the same matter.

We will actively promote the concept of a Commonwealth-wide Free Trade Zone and, to this end, will seek to establish a Free Trade Area between the UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand (all high GDP per capita PPP countries).