Full sovereign control of the UK’s Exclusive Economic Zone will be reinstated. These 298,718 square miles of sea stretching up to 200 miles, or the median line, from our coastline will be monitored vigorously by extending and enhancing the Royal Navy’s existing Fishery Protection Squadron.

The Party will revoke the London Fisheries Convention 1964 (to stop EU or other foreign fleets from fishing within UK waters) and we will not comply with the constraints of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) after we have left the European Union. We will discontinue the present EU fish-discard regulation and incorporate a system that aligns better with the unique fish stocks within the UK’s waters.

Time will encourage and significantly enlarge the UK boat building industry to increase the UK fishing fleet. The Party will create a government-backed Industrial Development Bank to help finance, amongst other things, a boat building initiative. In addition, we will establish a considerable number of publicly funded fishing academies, around the coasts of Britain and Northern Ireland.