Farming & Agriculture in the UK

It is the Time Party’s policy to provide support for an agricultural production and distribution system that offers healthy and affordable seasonal food, produced to the highest ethical and welfare standards, while restoring the natural environment.

Now having left the EU, the Time Party will ensure that Britain resumes responsibility for subsidising UK farmers. This new UK payment system will be focused on increasing production while protecting the natural environment.

Under TIME, farmland will be protected from residential and industrial development. At present, local authorities can only compulsorily purchase agricultural land if it already has planning permission, making it 100 times more valuable. We recognise that lobbyists are now pushing for this land to be sold at a discounted price, thereby devouring precious irreplaceable farm land, so vital to the country’s food security. TIME will make it illegal to purchase any productive farmland with the intention of urbanising it.

The Time Party commits to reducing the nation’s reliance on imported foods, and to ensure that those foods that are imported meet the same high production and welfare standards as the local product.

By supporting and promoting research into agricultural efficiency and the use of sustainable technologies, the Time Party will support work to develop productivity regimes that enhance the natural environment by reducing inputs and the use of pesticides. 

The Time Party will also promote international academic partnerships to share research and provide support to developing nations in their own self-sufficiency through sustainable farming methods.

Recognising the importance of UK food exports, the Party is committed to the promotion and support of the export of high quality, premium foods. The export of livestock for fattening or slaughter will be banned, while retaining the export of livestock for breeding, in line with the parties policy on Animal Welfare.

A higher standard of compulsory labelling of meat will be introduced. Further to this, the Party will investigate and reform the current classification standards for free-range stock, and other such living conditions to ensure consumers are properly informed before purchasing meat. This would be alongside our pledge to maintain mandatory CCTV monitoring of all abattoirs, accompanied by regular inspections from the Food Standards Agency.

The Party is committed to breaking down the cartels and monopolies in all parts of the agricultural supply chain that distort markets in order to restore the balance in favour of producers, supporting the establishment and protection of local markets, and reintroducing local and artisanal abattoirs to reduce food miles.

To introduce legislation to ensure that supermarkets and retailers’ source local produce where available. Likewise, to ensure that where local authorities, schools and hospitals and Government obtain produce, that is it is locally sourced wherever possible.

In order to reduce food waste, the previous EU regulations in aesthetics concerning fresh food products will be revoked to avoid the shocking amount of waste that historical EU regulation has created.  Where food waste is unavoidable, we would support and fund both academic and industrial research to make the UK a centre of excellence in the recycling and processing of food waste.

Recognising the importance of food in the health of the nation, to promote the education and engagement of the public in a healthy and balanced diet. The Party supports the education of children in food and nutrition and in the promotion of healthy lifestyles.