Energy suppliers within the UK need to be subject to a healthy balance of competitive tender deriving their power from various distributed sources. The Time Party wishes to support all of the following, namely:

  • Nuclear (but only SMR in remote locations)
  • Coal
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Wind
  • Wave & Tidal

The Time  Party proposes the eventual replacement of large-scale nuclear plants with Small-Modular-Reactors (SMRs) in remote locations. The Party recognises that the UK has huge coal reserves and that advances in promising ‘clean coal’ technology mean that extraction and production could lead to the reopening of viable coal mines.

The Party will halt the onshore solar farm roll-out due to excessive land requirement and halt the wind farm roll-out due to both the land requirement and considerable wildlife concerns. However, the UK’s internationally renowned wind turbine industry will be supported and its full global export potential realised.

The Party will require all petrol stations over a minimum size to have functioning electric charging facilities.