Time Party and the General Election 2019

The Time Party has chosen to not stand candidates at the December 2019 General Election.  Please see our General Election Statement below.

Since 23 June 2016, the citizens of the United Kingdom have witnessed a rearguard action from a Parliament which initially paid lip-service to the Referendum yet progressively revealed itself to be overtly Remain-dominated. 

The Referendum produced the largest election turnout in British history and the majority of the people voted to Leave the European Union.

During the build-up to the EU Referendum, it was understood by all parties and voters that the Referendum result would instruct Parliament to enact legislation to enable the United Kingdom to Leave the EU.  At the time, there was no suggestion that the UK’s exit would be conditional on any withdrawal deal. In fact, this was stated explicitly by David Cameron, the Prime Minister at the time.  All parties inferred that, in the event of a Leave victory, the onus would be on the EU and UK to discuss a Free Trade Agreement following the invocation of Article 50.

UK legislation has been passed since stating that the UK should have exited the EU on 29 March 2019.  Yet, owing to ploys by two weak Conservative cabinets, there was an agreed final extension to 31 October 2019.

Further Remain interference in the democratic process honouring the Referendum result produced an effective parliamentary stalemate.  This was caused by the 2019 Withdrawal Act (a.k.a. the Benn Act, or Surrender Act) and so a further extension occurred ending 31 January 2020.

The Prime Minister has called a general election on 12 December 2019, in an attempt to break the parliamentary deadlock.

It is Time Party’s position that the result of EU Referendum must be honoured.

The Time Party is not fielding candidates at the 12 December 2019 election and has produced a spreadsheet containing voting recommendations.

It is pertinent to note that the current Withdrawal Agreement advocated by the present Conservative Government does not honour the result of the Referendum nor the legislation already passed.  See ‘An Abysmal Deal’ below for details of the numerous serious issues involved.

  • UK cannot leave the EU without the consent of the EU despite Article 50 not stating any consent is required

  • All disputes between UK & EU are to be settled by the European Court of Justice. More UK laws are likely to replicate EU laws and more problems will occur with Human Rights & EAW’s. UK will be bound into permanent subservience to the European Courts in any dispute or arbitration. Future UK governments will not be able to repeal anything.

  • UK Armed Forces are to be handed over and absorbed into PESCO, EU Defence Union (& EU Defence Fund) which has now stated categorically there will be an EU Army. All UK armed forces will be led by EU commanders effectively negating any type of military intervention anywhere. UK’s commitment to NATO & alliance with USA is threatened.

  • UK Trade Deals with the rest of the world must be such as to never make the UK more competitive than EU.

  • The UK may not take “any action likely to conflict with or impede” EU foreign policy and trade. EU to have major control over UK Foreign Policy making UK’s UN Ambassador a spokesman for EU policy.

  • Northern Ireland will remain in the Single Market and Customs Union with a further border positioned in the Irish Sea in addition to the existing Ireland/Northern Ireland border. By isolating Northern Ireland the EU are responsible for breaking up the United Kingdom

  • EU vessels can freely fish UK waters and continue to drain UK’S fish stocks with only EU policing UK’s waters. UK has awarded the contract for monitoring fishing in UK territorial waters post-Brexit to a French Company (CLS or Collecte Localisation Satellites) due to EU regulations.

  • UK will no longer be in the EU but will be subject to considerable and very significant EU control; essentially UK will become a mirror image of EU and controlled by EU. The impact on City of London is yet to be calculated but transaction Taxes are likely in addition to more repressive regulations.

  • The Boris Johnson WA will be a treaty that will lock UK under EU control. UK can then do nothing to get out of the WA treaty other than to break it which would isolate UK from international legal inclusion.

  • UK has to pay the EU £39 billion as an EU exit penalty clause with no legal requirement to do so. In addition up to £500 billion of liabilities (through guarantees hidden inside WA) could be chargeable to UK via EU Investment Bank. All UK investments since 1972 into EU infrastructure amounting to circa £30 billion are to be written off. Subsequent UK governments will not be able repeal it.

  • UK would remain under EU rules with no vote, no voice & no veto. The transition period has no fixed expiry date so UK could be trapped for eternity inside EU’s mirror Custom Union & Single Market.

  • The Political Declaration obliges UK to adopt EU state aid rules as well as parity tax levels with EU controlling all arbitration on any disputes arising