Robert Kimbell

Was born in Cambridge and brought up in Northants. He was a Management Consultant specialising in the field of global executive search. Robert worked for private companies in London and Singapore. His interests include travel, international trade, geopolitics and domestic politics. He is driven by his desire to see Britain reach its ultimate potential. Robert Kimbell is the first Leader of the Time Party.


Martin T. White

Was born in Herts and brought up in Buckinghamshire. He was educated at the University of Sheffield, where he studied Electronics and Materials Technology. He was a Control System Design Engineer and is an expert in industrial systems and strategy. Martin worked for private companies in the UK, Germany and the Middle East. His interests include aircraft, domestic politics and financial investments.

Chief Operating Officer

Craig Whitington

Was born and brought up in Brighton in Sussex. He gained a football scholarship to the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he studied Business but, prior to completing his course, returned to England to pursue his footballing career. He was a professional Footballer in England before gaining an FA coaching qualification and working as a development centre coach. Craig’s career subsequently has been in the logistics industry here in the UK and on the Continent. His interests include football, cars and politics.

Deputy Chairman
Responsible for Greater London

Rob Howland

Rob grew up in Kent and lived most of his life in London, where he studied business and specialised in marketing. He has spent the last two decades working in technology, both as an employee and as a self-employed consultant. He was formerly employed by an American media giant and spent some time working stateside. He has also worked in the financial services sector for a UK bank and a global currency trading company. His interests include skiing, photography and politics.

Deputy Chairwoman
Responsible for Greater Manchester

Ann Chambers

Ann was born and educated in Greater Manchester. She has had a long and productive career in a variety of roles across a broad range of organisations and industries in both the UK and overseas, including international trade and health & safety sectors. She currently runs her own business providing support services to micro enterprises and small companies delivering the additional skills, knowledge and experience to enable them to grow their operations to the point when they are in a position to employ the additional staff they require. Ann’s interests are family, helping people, gardening and politics. Ann currently lives in Astley, Greater Manchester.

Deputy Chairwoman
Responsible for Kent

Julie Bishenden

Julie was born in Merseyside and educated in Berkshire. She was an on-board Manager within the Cross Channel ferry industry before spending fourteen years working for the Ministry of Justice. She is now training to be a Silversmith.

Julie has been a resident of Kent for thirty years and is currently living near Canterbury. Her interests include genealogy and researching local history.

Deputy Chairman
Responsible for Mercia

Mick Collins

Mick was brought up in Lincolnshire and is now a resident of West Lindsey. He is a Royal Air Force veteran with 29 years service as an Air Battle Manager and aircrew. As part of his service he visited numerous locations, from Alaska to Singapore, as well as supporting NATO/UN operations in Europe and in the Middle East. Since 2008 Mick has been working as a Flying Operations Supervisor for a major international defence, aerospace and security company. His interests include domestic politics, football and cars.

Deputy Chairman
Responsible for Scotland

Richard Burke

Richard Burke lives in Angus, Scotland. A Royal Navy veteran, he now works as a senior Design Engineer in the subsea Oil and Gas sector. During the first year of his employment in Scotland at a subsea control systems company, he was instrumental in creating a £10 million turnover with an employee count of eight people. Richard owns two engineering patents and enjoys finding solutions to mechanical problems. His interests include politics, cycling, hillwalking and reading.

Deputy Chairman
Responsible for Wales

Nick Corbett

Nick was raised in North Wales and has lived there ever since. He has always worked in his family’s company, a turf accountants’ business active on and off-course, where he is now a Director. The company has an extensive network of branches in both Wales and England. Outside business responsibilities, his interests include scuba diving, rotary wing aviation, travel and politics. Nick is a resident of Flintshire, North Wales.

Deputy Chairman
Responsible for Wessex

Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones is a former Royal Marine. Following his military service, he worked in the construction sector and then entered the Fire service where he remained for thirty years, ultimately gaining Senior Officer status. He undertook pretty much every aspect of a fire-fighter’s job, including more than four years at the HQ training centre as a Lecturer. He is a graduate in the Institute of Fire Engineers. His interests are extensive but include family, history, politics, social cohesion, cycling and reading. Thomas lives in Hampshire and is also the Time Party’s Director of Special Projects.

Senior Advisor

Stephen Priestley

Born in Hong Kong, where he lived until aged 18, Stephen went on to study German at the University of Warwick, completed a Certificate in Rehabilitation Work with Visually Impaired People and completed an MSc and Diploma in Social Work at Southampton University. He specialises in psychiatric social work, most recently as an Approved Mental Health Professional. Outside of work, he is an accomplished pianist, enjoys singing, is widely read and relishes travel. Stephen lives in Kent.

Senior Advisor
Legal Affairs

Alison Phillips

Alison was born in Hereford and raised in Merseyside. She is a retired Corporate Lawyer specialising in Tax, Employee Share Schemes and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) law. Prior to that, she worked as an IT Consultant for a large US software company. Her interests include sailing, hill walking and spending time with her husband and two grown-up children. Alison is now a resident of Surrey.

Senior Advisor
South America

Lord Iván Cañas

Iván was born in Caracas, Venezuela where he graduated in Law and practised Family Law, then joined an industrial chemicals corporation where he ultimately became the Legal Advisor in the company’s Venezuelan head office. He relocated to the UK approximately 20 years ago, since then he has worked for two major retail businesses as a branch Deputy Manager. He now lives in Moray in Scotland. Iván’s interests are the internet including social media, UK and Latin American politics, human rights and landscape photography.