Reform of the United Kingdom

Constitutional Reform

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a sovereign nation state comprising four constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. At present, there is a UK parliament at Westminster, a devolved Scottish parliament at Holyrood, a devolved Welsh Assembly at Cardiff, and a devolved Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont. The Time Party seeks to further devolve power from Westminster, and the civil service based on Whitehall, by re-empowering the people of the varying and differing parts of the UK via a change to the constitutional structure of the country.

Distribution of Power


There are numerous countries in the world, including the USA, Germany, Australia, India, Austria, Canada and Malaysia, which have already adopted our proposed constitutional rearrangement for the United Kingdom.

Berlin, Bavaria and Saxony are states of Germany, but few would claim that Berliners, Bavarians or Saxons are not Germans. Queensland and Tasmania are states of Australia but few would claim that Queenslanders or Tasmanians are not Australians.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have a considerable degree of autonomy already as a result of devolution. However, England has not. The Time Party acknowledges that this anomaly should now be addressed.

The Time Party believes that far too much decision-making power and influence rests with Westminster and Whitehall and that the UK should be rearranged into autonomous territories, called “Lands”. The Lands will have tax-raising powers and control over many of the responsibilities held at present by Westminster and Whitehall. This will increase local accountability, empower the people of the United Kingdom and bring employment to all parts of the UK.

For a full explanation of the planned distribution of power, please read the Time Party’s policy for all-embracing constitutional reform of the United Kingdom, found on the button below. For an overview of the planned Lands, please find a map of the lands in the Library.