The Commonwealth is irreplaceable.

Farewell to Barbados as a Realm. We will always love and respect you.

One of the sixteen Commonwealth Realms — independent sovereign nation states just like the United Kingdom that still have the British monarch as their Head of State — is about to become a Republic.

Much loved Barbados.  ‘Bimshire’.  One of the world’s greatest island nation states with a small population of under 300,000.  Barbados, a country of some of the most superb rum in the world (Cockspur, Mount Gay, Doorlys) and almost certainly the finest quality unrefined raw sugar.  A country with a strong parliamentary democracy, its own Nelson’s Column, an ancient parliament, a National Trust, a bustling technology industry, growing financial services sector, robust manufacturing sector, and some of the finest beaches in the entire Caribbean.

Being in the Commonwealth is about sticking together when times are tough, being friends throughout and never, ever about over-arching control.

Barbados follows many other countries down this well-worn path, but never will it be any less adored.

The Time Party has always celebrated Bajan independence and honours and respects the decision of the Government of Barbados for their country to become a Republic.


Photo credit : Image by falco from Pixabay