Block Huawei

The involvement of Huawei in the UK’s 5G infrastructure is deeply controversial, and here’s why we feel it should be blocked urgently.

We must block Huawei in UK 5G network.

Telecomms infrastructure is a key national interest.

Where there is so much at stake, and so much controversy, we cannot take the risk of allowing Huawei involvement.

Specific issues are :-

  1. It’s embedded in China’s Govt surveillance state.
  2. Viable alternatives exist: Qualcomm, Nokia, Ericsson.
  3. It will damage relationship with Five Eyes community.
  4. Telecoms is a strategic national resource.
  5. We can’t trust Huawei assurances.

Should we ban Huawei from the UK 5G infrastructure ?
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  • Tony King says:

    Huawei are a dreadful threat.
    There are lots of others too.
    BigTech are a threat to our free speech because they filter/edit/shape/profile what we see.
    But Huawei is a different and worse threat.

  • Michael White says:

    I can’t believe that the UK bows to commercial pressure from China rather than taking a principled stance, and supporting our long-standing friends and special relationships.

  • Andrew Daws says:

    Should be a free market no ban, Huawei have spent time with GCHQ engineers examining the code. Can the same be said for say cisco no US state secrets and they have also certainly found back doors in there OS in use by security agencies this is no secret but no one is jumping up and down to ban them. I think you have to have a certain lack of trust in any unless proven otherwise
    This is where open source products immediately score as all code is openly available

    • Tim Considine says:

      Agree 100% on opensource
      Also agree that it is positive a review has been conducted
      However the issue is trust. I would not be surprised if Huawei submit one code base for review, and then use another in practice.
      Review is irrelevant without steps taken to ensure compliance ongoing.
      Even then, it is still about trust.
      I might accept that we allow a policeman to have a gun.
      That doesn’t mean we should allow burglars to have a gun also.
      And yes, in this context, it is entirely appropriate to ask whether Huawei are burglars.

      • Andrew Daws says:

        This is where we agree Trust and this is also the problem as well
        For one Cisco for one had known backdoors into their equipment came across several times then removed and nobody has jumped up and down to ban them and I still actively recommend their equipment
        To counterbalance Huawei also have had similar diagnostic/backdoor which have also been removed but everyone goes into overkill about it
        I have had dealings with both find a bug or even want a feature and I have found Huawei will bend over backwards to implement or correct very quickly. Can the same be said for Cisco I’m afraid not while there support structure is superb at finding and supplying fixes that exist if they do not you have a long wait
        So bottom line can you trust any of them probably not, even if not intentional
        Constant oversight, penetration testing I am afraid will be around constantly I believe and needed along with governmental compliance of supplier’s
        I could go on about other means of spying we just accept

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